SelectSitter was created by parents who felt like finding a great babysitter shouldn’t be so hard!

What’s the best way to find the best service in your area? Your friends and family. We live in a social society and word of mouth recommendations are the best way to know you are hiring a trusted and reliable business. Shouldn’t that go for babysitters? Babysitters are like a diamond in the rough. Once you find one, you don’t want to share them because you are afraid their availability will diminish! But what if you could share your preferred sitters while also discovering new ones that your friends love and trust? Enter SelectSitter.

SelectSitter uses social networking to connect busy parents with available babysitters. We make it easy for you to book your next sitter and we’ll even take care of those uncomfortable questions like, “How much do you charge?”

And sitters…our easy calendar function means no more double booking!