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New to our SelectSitter App? Most likely you are since we just launched less than a month ago. And we want to help you navigate our app with ease!

So, check out our new Video Tuturials for help with some of our features.

You can find these great videos anytime on our website in our tabs above this post under “How to use SelectSitter.”



Kari + Sarah


We’re live

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SelectSitter is officially live in the app stores and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

Remember, how your parents always stressed the importance of “SHARING?”

We’d love for you to do the same with SelectSitter. The more you share with your friends and sitters, the more your babysitting network grows.

Give us your feedback!

We continue to grow and develop the app and you are the key to helping us make SelectSitter the best way to book your next sitter!


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Thank you for all your support!

Sarah & Adam / Kari & John



We’re parents…we get it!


Babysitters are hard to come by!

As parents ourselves, we created SelectSitter because we felt like finding a GREAT babysitter shouldn’t be so hard!

We live in a social society and word-of-mouth recommendations are the best way to know you are hiring a trusted and reliable business, shouldn’t that go for babysitters too?
We know babysitters are like a diamond in the rough…
Once you find one, you don’t want to share them because you are afraid their availability will diminish!
SelectSitter allows you to share how awesome your sitters is, and also discover new sitters that your friends are using and trusting? It’s a win-win!

We are excited to share our app with you and help you select your next sitter! It is the perfect solution for your next date night, charity event, work commitment, or last minute errand!


Kari + Sarah