SelectSitter is rolling out in-app payments!


Ditch the checkbook, and stop running to the ATM.  SelectSitter is rolling out in-app payments!

Hi fellow parents and babysitters! We have some big news here at SelectSitter. We are rolling out in-app payments starting December 10 (postponed to Jan. 2019). That means soon you’ll be able to find, book, and pay your babysitters directly through the app. For all you sitters out there, this means you’ll be able to accept payments right in the app. No more last-minute trips to the ATM, and no more hunting down the checkbook. Just log in to the SelectSitter app and securely enter your payment info. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even send you helpful reminders when it’s time to pay your sitter and when you have funds waiting for you in your account.

We’ve been working on this new feature for the last several months. We actually got the idea from all of you! In-app payments has been the No. 1 request we’ve heard from parents and sitters since we launched last November. Now, after some experimenting, we’re ready to answer that request.

 But first, let’s go over the highlights!

  • We’ll send you helpful reminders to make sure you pay your sitter.
  • We’ll also keep you posted when you have funds waiting for you in your account.
  • Your payment info will be securely stored in the app, which means you can pay your sitter anytime and anywhere.
  • No more trips to the ATM or scrounging up cash for those last-minute babysitting requests.

December 10 can’t get here soon enough! This is babysitting in the digital age.

Demo Day Presentation

Back in August, SelectSitter presented at the efactory’s Demo Day about how our app, SelectSitter, has grown and developed through our involvement  in the e-factory’s Accelerator program.

If you were unable to attend Demo Day, check out the video below of co-founder Sarah presenting on SelectSitter.

We’d love to hear from you, message us at, with any questions or ideas to help us grow our startup!

Share to Win

SelectSitter is stronger when great parents and sitter like you spread the word. We are built on connections and recommendations. So, we thought we might try a little giveaway to say thanks for sharing our app.
Whether you’re a parent or a babysitter, anyone could use an extra $150 in their pocket. And we want to put it there!
From now until July 22, for every person you share the SelectSitter App with, you’ll receive an entry to win a $150 Visa gift card! Plus, extra entries will be given when you leave us a review on our Facebook page or in the App Store.
  1. Download SelectSitter form the App Store for FREE here:

iTunes App Store

Google App Store

    2. On the “More” tab at the bottom, click “Invite Friends”


   3. Share away! The more you share, the better chances you have to win.

1 parent $150 winner and 1 babysitter $150 winner drawn. Contest runs from July 16-22, winners drawn on July 23.